Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Compile a List of Vendors that have been shut down by Summit
Small Vendor on Etsy

Who else?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What EXACTLY is Copyrighted By Summit Entertainment?

I understand that anything to do with the movies and actors is copyrighted. But what about the character and book names? And, if copyrighted, which copyright does it violate? Does anyone know of a document(s) out there that clearly defines what is copyrighted under Stephenie Meyer and what is copyrighted under Summit Entertainment?

Are meta tags copyrighted?
What about link names on a web site? For ex: The Edward Bracelet...
What about book names in the product name: Breaking Dawn Bookmark or Jacob Bracelet?

Independent Twilight Vendors are being shut down by Summit Entertainment

Many vendors that make Twilight related merchandise as a "hobby" are being forced to shut down or or face Summit Entertainment's scary legal team. I can understand shutting down the large company that is blatantly taking advantage of Summit's intellectual property and making a huge profit. Certainly we don't condone copyright infringement by any means, but is Summit going too far by attacking the little guys?
Many of the small "businesses" (or overzealous hobbyists) that sell Twilight keepsakes are on sites like or Ebay. Some have created their own websites like and The owners of these small businesses are moms. The work that is done by these vendors are not designed to make a huge profit or pay the mortgage. These vendors are fans! These "works" allow the obsession to continue long after fans have read the series for the first, second, third and even fourth time. In addition, these vendors are providing the huge population of Twilight fans with unique Twilight keepsakes that Summit is not providing.
These unique creations provide FREE public relations to Summit Entertainment. The diehard Twilight fan purchases a unique keepsake (jewelry, purse, scent, tshirt etc.) from these independent vendors that keeps their "Twilight" excitement alive. In my opinion, these small vendors are doing Summit a favor. Doesn't it seem wrong to demand the small vendors to "cease and desist"? Really, none of them are making a living with their Twilight inspired merchandise...
As a footnote, announced today that the Eclipse movie is second on the list of being the most profitable movies in 2010.
And Summit is concerned that selling a Twilight bracelet is going to affect marketshare?